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Webhosting and design in Canada - WEBADO, Web-Ah-Do, Web-I-Do see www.webado.com

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Sitemap Basics

  • Web-based Google Sitemap Generators: #1 and #2
    Generate XML or TXT sitemaps, appropriate for submitting to Google. Also html sitemaps for using on your own website.
  • GSiteCrawler: Google Sitemap Generator for Windows - The ultimate all-inclusive Google sitemap generator that runs in WIndows, on your own machine.
  • Xenu's Link Sleuth
    Free easy to use program to find broken internal or external links and orphan files on websites. Also can build a simple html sitemap which you can use on your site pretty much as is, with minimal styling required.
  • Google Sitemap Submissions
    The place to submit your sitemaps and feverishly watch the Googlebot's progress. Almost as addictive as Statcounter!
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