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WARNING: Obsolete technology kept for historical reasons.

Using the SWFObject Method for Flash

This is an example of how to use the original SWFObject script developed by Geoff Stearns of

But please note that the version I've been using is now old, though it has served me well and it will contiue to serve well for simpler, uncomplicated flash needs. A new and much more sophisticated version is available from the official SWFObject Google Code Download site with support at the Google SWFObject Group.


This content is what is displayed instead of the flash object itself. It can be text, an image, anything that's appropriate. It will all be replaced by the flash object if javascript is enabled. It can be placed in a defined height div with scrollbars as well.

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Try it both with and without javascript enabled and in different browsers.

I don't know if it works on any MAC, but it works on a pc with Windows XP in IE7, FF 2.0.1 and Opera 9.10.



WARNING: Obsolete technology kept for historical reasons.