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Web Services

For website hosting, the packages and conditions are detailed on the Hosting page.

Here are a few featured sites among those currently hosted by WEBADO.

Website Design


I can provide website design to get you a speedy yet solid presence on the web (your hosting or mine). Please contact me for a free estimate for all your design-related needs:

  • Complete (static responsive) website starting at $300 CAD for the concept and template design and $30 CAD for each page of content (using your text and images).
  • Existing website tune-up to achieve validation, cross-browser compatibility and improve accessibility, starting at $10 CAD per page (static website).
  • Converting a static non-responsive website layout to a responsive one, if possible. Starting at $100 CAD per site and $10 CAD per page.
  • For a dynamic website (php and MySql only) the price depends on complexity. You have to provide valid, curated and normalized data to be used in any database.
  • Support for the use and customization of templates and third party open-source and software (php and MySql only). Price depends on complexity

All WEBADO website designs are guaranteed to be W3C compliant and will use the best coding techniques available (e.g. XHTML or HTML5). While we cannot guarantee that your website will achieve the highest rankings in search engines, we will strive to optimize the design and accessibility as much as possible. The content is entirely up to you.

Please contact me for a free estimate for all your website construction and design related needs.

Please note that I do not develop e-Commerce sites at this time.

Naturally the content of all WEBADO designed sites, like the WEBADO hosted sites, has to respect the same basic terms as those outlined in our Acceptable Use Policy.

Website Optimization


To help with the eventual interview we will have, here's a short form that you can fill out for starters:
What's wrong with my website?
(you need a Google account in order to fill out this form)

NB: You will not be charged for simply filling out the form.

Once you explain to me what you think is wrong, why you think your website's performance is sub-optimal, and after an email exchange and an interview, I start by conducting an audit of your website:

  • Current state of indexing in Google (and compared to Bing and other search engines).
  • Current and historical state of backlinks as reported by your own Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools) account and as reported by tools such as Majestic.
  • Research website history from the Wayback Machine.
  • I can assess a currently or previously hacked site as well and recommend fixes.
  • I will make my recommendations and an estimate of the work that needs to be done, based on what I discover.

This initial audit of your website can be priced starting at $50 CAD but may be higher for a very large or complex website.

After this audit, if you agree to my estimate of the work to be done, I will start the process of website fixing and optimization. This is may require some redesign as well.

Contact me to start discussing your needs in website optimization, but don't forget the form.

Please note that I do not optimize e-Commerce sites at this time. At most I can give the results of an audit and maybe make a few recommendations.

Again, the content of all WEBADO optimized sites, like the WEBADO hosted or built sites, has to respect the same basic terms as those outlined in our Acceptable Use Policy.

NB: All prices and conditions may change without notice.