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Welcome to WEBADO

WEBADO's clients are more than just clients. They are friends. And friends deserve personalized support.

Any services acquired through WEBADO will receive all humanly possible attention.

And yes, we offer bilingual services: English and French!

We also love puppies and kittens and awesome photography and amazing human exploits.

Oh and we also like playing a bit, which is why this site has a different theme according to the season. Try it: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.

Web Hosting


If you are capable of designing your own site, whether small or big, simple or complex, WEBADO has a hosting package for you.

We have affordable hosting packages with features and prices tailored to your needs and budget.

The WEBADO designed sites have always included an optional hosting element.

  • Hosting is on an Apache server which supports php and multiple instances of MySql databases.
  • All accounts have a Cpanel installation which allows managing most aspects of the hosting space.
  • We can create custom nameservers based on your own registered domain.
  • A selection of open source software may be auto-installed on each site through the Softaculous auto-installer.
  • Email accounts are available for each hosted domain.
  • Hosted subdomains (e.g. are available if you don't yet have a domain. This allows for development of a site before it goes live with an actual domain.
  • Monitored uptime of the server has been a solid 99.9% for the last few years of operation.
  • Support contact for hosting issues is via email, Facebook private messages, telephone, SMS and even Skype or Google Hangouts when necessary.

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Web Design


When it comes to web design, there are lots of options. At WEBADO we strive to adhere to best practices recognized in the industry.

From relatively simple static websites to get you a speedy yet solid presence on the web, to much more sophisticated ones that may involve databases for instance, everything is possible.

Mobile Rules

The day has come when the mobile internet has conquered. Thus any site we build will also strive to be responsive on all platforms: desktop, tablets, smart phones, etc.


Even though most people now have access to very fast internet connections, we still like to build fast loading sites, especially when it comes to mobile access where speed is very important.

What We Also Do

  • Rebuild an older website to meet today's standards, e.g. add a responsive version for mobile access.
  • Help you with your own website, to solve issues or make improvements.
  • Support for the use and customization of some third party software.
  • Multilingual sites if requested. Usually English and French for Canadian (especially Quebec) sites are the norm, but other languages can be incorporated.

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Website Optimization


A website is only as good and useful as its content and presentation. If it cannot be found naturally in major search engines like Google, it's a wasted effort.

This Is Why

  • We evaluate the content carefully for quality which includes originality and uniqueness. This process fully repects Google's guidelines. We are brutally honest about this.
  • Sometimes it's necessary to cut out redundancy, hyperbole and fluff and keep the essence of the message to be conveyed. This is usually an iterative process.
  • We tailor a logical navigation structure which gets the visitor to the relevant content quickly, intuitively and with a minimum number of clicks.
  • We optimize sites but do not engage in any off-site SEO (e.g. backlinks, article marketing, etc). In fact we strongly advise against this.

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However these are the main rules in a nutshell...

We Do Not Host

  • Any sites with illegal content.
  • Pornographic sites.
  • Any sites about drugs, even legal ones. This includes on-line pharmacies.
  • Any site on firearms or explosives.
  • Religious cults sites.
  • Extremist political sites.
  • Sites with content copied from elsewhere. This includes proxies.
  • Spam sites.

We Do Not Build

  • Same as what we do not host.
  • Backlinks.
  • Mini-sites.
  • Doorway sites.
  • Anything meant to boost unnaturally web presence or pagerank.
  • E-commerce sites.

We Do Not Optimize

  • Same as what we do not host and do not build.

Yes, there are many things we don't do at WEBADO, but what we do, we do well. See my credentials.