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Useful Sites and Resources

This is a collection of recommended sites offering tools that are indispensable to a webmaster.

You will find reference and tutorial sites for php programming, mysql, html and javascript. You will also find sites offering excellent SEO and site debugging tools.

  • php.net
    The language this site and many other dynamic sites are written in.
  • MySQL
    The world's most popular open source database.
  • ApacheFriends.org
    The home of XAMPP - Apache web server, PHP and MySQL for the pc. All that you need to install and test your web applications on your home computer.
  • dBpowerAMP
    The dBpowerAMP family of audio programs. Everything you need to rip or burn cd's, play and convert between a multitude of audio file types, or manage portable audio devices. The converter is free, as is the multi-player.
  • The "Howto" site
    Lots of web building tutorials including a comprehensive yet very easy to follow guide to .htaccess.
  • The mod_rewrite .htaccess generator
    Generate SEO friendly url's according to 2 methods. Useful for expressing dynamic url's that normally contain query strings as static url's.
  • Open Source Web Design
    A place to download free web design templates, using the latest techniques (CSS, XHTML, HTML5) and share yours with others. Seems to have been a bit abandonned though.
  • Google Sitemap Generators: #1 and #2
    Generate XML or TXT sitemaps, appropriate for submitting to Google. Also html sitemaps for using on your own website.
  • Web Sniffer.
    Get full information on server responses for any web page, including ability to change the user agent string. Indispensable to troubleshoot, especiallay good to see contents of a cloaked hacked site.
  • URI Valet.
    Another comprehensive server response tool. Includes some rendering of the page and assessment of code validity.
  • Aw Snap!
    A free tool to find malware and all sorts of malicious stuff on a website.
  • Rex Swain's HTTP Viewer
    A tool that lets you see accurately the data sent to the browser or to a robot by an HTTP request of any url. Indispensable for troubleshooting weird problems.
  • GSiteCrawler
    A powerful, complete, yet simple to use Windows program to crawl a website and produce Google xml sitemaps and much, much more. John Mueller keeps on outdoing himself.
  • Xenu's Link Sleuth
    Free easy to use program to find broken internal or external links and orphan files on websites. A staple tool for debugging any site.
  • W3C Schools
    All the Web-building tutorials you need, from basic HTML and XHTML to advanced XML, Multimedia and WAP
  • W3C Validators
    All the various validators, such as HTML and CSS validator, needed to ensure your web pages are as bugfree as possible, and fully compliant with the latest rules.
  • Full site validator
    What we've all been waiting for, a tool to perform the W3 validation on all pages of a website. Extremely useful.
  • Statcounter Invisible Tracker
    Tracking visitors to and through your site is a child's play with this great free tool which offers very comprehensive stats. Beware, both the stats and the Statcounter Forum are highly addictive!
  • Spider Simulator
    It will simulate what a typical web spider "sees" on the web page as it crawls it.
  • Full SEO Toolset
    A comprehensive toolset for search engine optimization. Try it, you'll be amazed at what you find.
  • Spam Detector for web pages
    Test your web page to see if a bot may consider it spammy or not.
  • Neighbourhood Analyzer
    Check the sites you link to and the sites they link to and detect any "bad neighbourhood" tendency. Amazingly accurate. Find evidence of hacked serevrs and sites that way too.
  • Copyscape
    Powerfull tool to find other web pages with substantially the same content as yours.
  • Web Page Analyzer
    This will analyze a web page's contents and produe a speed of loading report and show warnings for whatever may cause slow downs.



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