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Featured Hosted Sites

Here's a list of sites which are currently being hosted by WEBADO.NET. Your site, if it's hosted by WEBADO and if you so wish, can be listed here as well. But we respect the privacy of our clients, so we'll never list your site without your approval.

Scène Prestige Productions
Agency that provides live music for all types of events in Montreal.

Acoustic Nights Montreal
A Montreal organization that promotes acoustic musicians and their music.

Creation Rachelle Bonbonnieres and Favors - Montreal
Mementos, favors, souvenirs for weddings, showers, baptisms and other occasions.

Christian Ministries Fellowship, International - Sons of Zion

Sculpture Park of E.T. Wickham

Sunset Landscape

A site dedicated to R&D in physical chemistry.

Lorraine Klaasen Official Website
Lorraine Klaasen, eclectic South African performer presents her web site for music lovers all over the world. Her dynamic style and infectious music transcend all borders.

This is how it all started. The first site designed and hosted by what later became WEBADO.
RapSohD is a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of higher education by rewarding teens with talents in the performing arts.

Melina's Music
The personal web site of a very talented young Canadian singer, songwriter and pianist, who is also Miss RapSohD Talented Teen 2001.
Music, videos and photos complement the biography of this young artist.

Nancy Heartmusic
The personal website of a very talented Texas musician.
Music, poetry and photos accompany Nancy's fascinating biography.

WEBADO - Simple Web Stuff
Finally a site of my own! After taking care of everybody, it was high-time to get my own niche on the web. Best described as an eclectic site, a bit of everything, a ranting blog, a poetry blog, a forum, and a test area for the latest ideas I get in

Ramblin' Rick Lawton's personal website, featuring original music, art and photography

JWJ Online
The personal web site of John W. Johnston, hailing from Northampton, England, featuring an eclectic mix of essays and art. A visual delight.



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