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This FAQ section is slowly being built as useful information is being collected.



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I've been battling requests for advertising to be placed on this site. My answer has always been and will always be No, thank you.

At WEBADO we do not engage in marketing or advertising of any kind, with the possible exception of occasional Adsense ads. The sites which I promote in any way are sites that I feel personally strongly about for various reasons: they are friends' sites which I admire, or I have designed them myself, or I find them useful to me and perhaps others.

Please don't ask to have an ad or banner placed on this site. I will refuse.




See the latest FAQ tutorials on embedding flash and embedding audio or embedding video played in Windows Media Player, and the latest, embedding Quicktime. Some working examples of the recommened solutions: SWFObject, WMPObject and QTObject, as well as downloads of the scripts involved are available.

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