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Design Portfolio

Please keep in mind that I also have a regular daytime job. So if there are any serious shortcomings in my designs, I will lay the blame squarely on that easy excuse.

And if you think such a statement is not very professional, that's OK, my clients are my friends and I hope they generally have a good sense of humour.

  • Make A Name
    A site built using responsive design, to promote my services to artists and non -profit organizations.
  • WEBADO.net - This site
    After having originally relied on a Joomla/Mambo CMS for this site, with assorted problems, I finally redid it all in a manner which actually allows me more flexibility to add different content to it.
  • RapSohD
    This is how it all started, early in 2002. The first site designed and hosted by what later became WEBADO.
    RapSohD is a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of higher education by rewarding teens with talents in the performing arts.
  • Melina's Music
    The personal web site of a very talented young Canadian singer, songwriter and pianist Melina Soochan, who is also Miss RapSohD Talented Teen 2001.
    Music, videos and photos complement the biography of this young artist.
  • Acoustic Nights Montreal
    A website dedicated to a series of bi-monthly Montreal acoustic music events.
  • Nuits Acoustiques Montréal
    The French version of the Acoustic Nights Montreal website.
  • Nancy Heartmusic
    The personal website of a very talented Texas musician.
    Music, poetry and photos accompany Nancy's fascinating biography.
  • WEBADO - Simple Web Stuff
    Finally a site of my own! After taking care of everybody, it was high-time to get my own niche on the web. Best described as an eclectic site, a bit of everything, a ranting blog, a poetry blog, a forum, and a test area for the latest ideas I get in web design.
  • Muse's Corner
    A small collection of poetry, initially started as a Blogger blog, and converted to a regular site.
  • CrownSil
    A site dedicated to R&D in physical chemistry.
  • Tomis Plomberie Inc
    A Montreal plumbing company.

Site Make Overs

    I undertook an extensive make-over of the website of this Canadian company, supplier and sourcing provider of electronic components, for two main reasons: to correct a number of coding errors that had built up over time as the site was being maintained, and to add a database driven section, in order to eliminate thousands of static pages, to better control content, layout and code validation. The original layout was preserved entirely and standardized across all pages, including the new dynamic ones. At the same time I also did some basic on-site optimization, to help with search engine indexing.
  • Lorraine Klaasen
    This site has undergone several make-overs and redesigns over the years since I've taken charge of it.
  • Creation Rachelle Bonbonnieres, Favors and Mementos for Weddings and Other Occasions
    This still evolving website for a busy home business in the Montreal area was in need of a redesign and an infusion of fresh content, after having been neglected and finally abandonned by a succession of webmasters.



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