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Webhosting and Design in Canada - Webado
Webhosting and design in Canada - WEBADO, Web-Ah-Do, Web-I-Do see www.webado.com

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The Webado Collection

I am thrilled and proud to share with you these wonderful photos, a gracious gift from the remarkable Italian photographer Enzo Rando.

Enzo Rando Photography: Forio Ischia Giardini La Mortella  Enzo Rando Photography: Olio Oliva  Enzo Rando Photography: Victoria Amazonica

Welcome to WEBADO

Webhosting and Design in Canada

At WEBADO we are still open to take on a limited number of new clients, for web design or hosting or both. The WEBADO designed sites have always included an optional hosting element. And we take a keen and personal interest in our clients' web sites. We provide bilingual services, in English and French. Even a bit of Spanish if need be.

About WebadoWEBADO's clients are more than just clients. They are friends. And friends deserve personalized support. Any services acquired through WEBADO will receive all humanly possible attention.

The Webado hosting packages are chockfull of useful features. And did I mention friendly and timely support?

WEBADO actively encourages, supports and promotes non-profit organizations with a rich cultural content as well as artists' sites.

If you are capable of designing your own site, whether small or big, simple or complex, WEBADO has a hosting package for you. From the 25MB Tiny to the 250MB Large, our packages are loaded with great free features like email, PHP and MySql databases. There is also lots of free software just ready to install through the Softaculous autoinstaller which is part of any hosted account's Cpanel. Larger packages may be available on demand.

WEBADO Services:

  • Webhosting packages with features and prices tailored to your needs and budget
  • Hosted subdomains are available if you don't have and don't want to get a domain
  • Web site design to get you a speedy yet solid presence on the web
  • Help with your own design and content
  • Support for the use and customization of some third party software
  • A truly personalized approach in a friendly atmosphere
  • And did I mention very, very affordable prices?

Maybe you are visiting here not because you are looking for hosting or web design, but perhaps you are simply looking for a tutorial on something or other. You will find several tutorials and working examples in the FAQ section. Among the most popular is the tutorial on methods of embedding media - audio, video or flash - on web pages.


Tyson Cecka - Parkour Stunts

Watch a great HI-FI video of this amazing young man Tyson Cecka.

Where I am
Where I'd like to be at times




See the latest FAQ tutorials on embedding flash and embedding audio or embedding video played in Windows Media Player, and the latest, embedding Quicktime. Some working examples of the recommened solutions: SWFObject, WMPObject and QTObject, as well as downloads of the scripts involved are available.

I Saw It through the Grapevine Art Glass

Kevin and Tammy Gilmore Grapevine Art Glass

The enchanting artistry of Kevin and Tammy Gilmore is vibrantly presented on their website www.GrapeVineArtGlass.net dedicated to the creation of decorative glass of breathtaking beauty.

DNS Troubleshooters

DNS means Domain Name Server. In order to access a domain, the DNS information has to be correct and devoid of ambiguity.

You can get a comprehensive report of any domain's dns details at intoDNS.


If you want to know registration details of a domain or information on an IP address, whois.domaintools.com is a good place to start.

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